Frances Lynch

Bachelor of Architecture (June 2014), Waterford Institute of Technology

Cellular Architecture


30,000m 2 Competition project between students at Shanghai Institute of Technology and Waterford Institute of Technology. Students were to incorporate residential, commercial and leisure in the scheme. I started with 4 prototypes for living, working and playing. The units are concrete poured off site, and are user defined or defined by function.

I arranged these units on site to create a form which optimized the daylighting in each unit and creating a sheltered space.

The site plan celebrates the extension of the park over the scheme and respects the existing Zhongshan Hall. A public plaza is provided to accommodate 500 people as required.

This form provides a sheltered market space, allowing the existing park to extend over the scheme, and creates a new controlled environment and micro-climate underneath.

An amphitheatre located at the south end of this sheltered space provides a space for performance and leisure, and drives the concept of the Chinese tradition of communal singing and dancing in public spaces.

The market space is also user defined, similar to how many streets in Shanghai are defined by the street vendors. As a result this space differs from day to day.

Roof terraces provide a common social space to all inhabitants and users.

Market space 3D Visual.

West Elevation 3D Visual

Amphitheater 3D Visual. The stage is surrounded by water from the park, giving this performance space a unique feature sought after by performance groups all over the world. The circulation above the stage can also be integrated in performances.

Daylight Study in the Amphitheatre.