Frances Lynch

Bachelor of Architecture (June 2014), Waterford Institute of Technology

Youth Club

Design for Play - A Human Instinct

To 'play', is to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

The site, in Cahir, South Co.Tipperary, features Cahir Castle, a major tourist attraction in it's North East Corner. There are several mature trees sparsely dotted around and it is surrounded by water thanks to the river Suir and a small tributary stream. There are no drainage problems.

The main concept was to provide a space for play, specifially active play like Dance and Martial Arts. The space had to be multifunctional, adaptable to new games or types of play.

My scheme provides indoor facilities for administration, showers, toilet facilities an internet café and storage. But the main play space is the semi sheltered area attached to the building.

This semi-outdoor space is a large open space suitable for sports activities or dance, and the form allows for a performance space.

The large curved structures are in a staggered pattern, providing shelter, without completely enclosing the space. The structures are glue lam members clad with coloured perspex. This Daylight study gives a good indication of the ‘playful’ light effect this would create.

The scheme promotes outdoor, active play, while facilitating less strenuous recreative activities with the provision of an internet cafe and indoor relaxation spaces.